United States Announces $3 Million in Additional Support to the Special Criminal Court

The U.S. Embassy in Central African Republic is pleased to announce two new, complementary programs to support the functioning and effectiveness of the Special Criminal Court.

A $1.5 million program with the United Nations Development Program will contribute to the UN’s support to the Special Criminal Court’s victim and witness protection work and provide related legal aid.  The funding will also support judicial investigations and the development of an investigation management system, including necessary equipment and training.  Finally, the program will help create the SCC’s case management system, augmented by personnel support for the offices of the prosecutor and judicial instruction.

A $1.5 million program with the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative will strengthen the capacity of Special Criminal Court personnel, the Central African Bar Association, and lawyers working with the SCC.  The funds will also support forensic investigations and community and public education on SCC rules and procedures.  Lastly, this program will help implement the victim and witness protection national strategy.

The United States is proud to be a strong supporter of the Central African justice sector and the fight against impunity.  Together, we will build a more peaceful, stronger, more prosperous Central African Republic.