Routine Travel Warning Clarification

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The Department of State issued a routine Travel Warning on November 21, 2017 apprising its citizens of the current situation in the Central African Republic.  Travel Warnings are issued every six months by the Department of State and the new Travel Warning did not contain any change in language from the Travel Warning issued six months ago.  The Department of State issued a Security Message on November 24, 2017 warning U.S. citizens of various protests occurring at that time in Bangui and asked them to be aware of their surroundings and avoid crowds.  This Security Message did not call for U.S. citizens to depart the Central African Republic.

Travel Warnings are issued to provide current and potential travelers important information regarding the current political, economic, environmental or health situation in that country.

Security Messages are issued by embassies and consulates to provide timely safety and security information to U.S. citizens living or traveling in their districts.