Bangui, July 27, 2021

The G5+, a group of states and international institutions partnering with the Central African Republic, note with great concern the development of an acute humanitarian crisis in CAR.

Members note that more than seven months of military operations in many of CAR’s prefectures have displaced hundreds of thousands of Central Africans from their homes, disrupted access to food, water, sanitation, and hygiene, and prevented humanitarian assistance from reaching those in need.  More than 80,000 children under the age of five are at risk of severe malnutrition. 2.7 million people are in crisis or emergency food insecurity situations. About 250,000 are in areas inaccessible to partners. At the same time, commodity prices are rising.

Our humanitarian partners are available to provide flexible, multi-sector assistance to meet the growing needs. Nevertheless, they continue to face major restrictions on aid delivery.  Humanitarian staff faced 267 incidents in the first six months of 2021, including cases of violence against their persons, property, and other resources. Road infrastructure will soon be impassable because of the rainy season. Due to these incidents and the restrictions on movement and access, there is a serious risk that partners will not have enough humanitarian resources to continue to provide an adequate humanitarian response in the affected areas.

Members call on the government to immediately give its utmost attention to this worrying humanitarian situation in order to avoid a major crisis and the forced withdrawal of humanitarian actors. We strongly support the call by UN Secretary General António Guterres on July 12 for a ceasefire that will allow humanitarian workers to reach those in need. Members specifically request the full cooperation of their partners in the armed forces, gendarmerie, and national police to protect humanitarian personnel in the prefectures. Members further call on the Central African Republic’s international partners to consider increasing their support to the country in order to prevent further suffering and avoid a regional crisis.

Finally, the members express their deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the July 21 killings in the village of Bongboto. The group urges the government to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident in order to bring justice to the families of the victims and to prevent such incidents from happening again.

The members of the G5+ reiterate their commitment to continue working alongside the Central African authorities for the well-being of all Central Africans.



Ambassador of the United States of America

to the Central African Republic


Ambassador, High Representative of France

to the Central African Republic

Mrs. Samuela ISOPI

Ambassador, Head of the European Union delegation

to the Central African Republic


Ambassador, Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission

and Head of the AU Mission for the Central African Republic and Central Africa

Mr. Adolphe NAHAYO

Ambassador, Representative of the President of the Commission of the Economic Community of

Central African States in the Central African Republic

Mr. Mankeur NDIAYE

Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations

in the Central African Republic and Head of MINUSCA


Resident Representative of the World Bank

in the Central African Republic