Bangui, December 10, 2021


The G5+, a group of partner states and international institutions of the Central African Republic, has supported the Special Criminal Court (SCC) since its establishment. The SCC is a key, independent institution in the fight against impunity and the restoration of the rule of law in the Central African Republic.  It responds to the Central African people’s desire for justice and an end to impunity, as expressed at the Bangui Forum and reiterated in the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African Republic, in point i, article I, of the principles for a lasting settlement of the conflict in CAR.


Under its jurisdiction, the SCC issued a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Ali Hassan Bouba, who was subsequently charged and provisionally detained pending a hearing scheduled for November 26.  The G5+ deplores the fact that, according to a November 26 SCC press release, the unit in charge of extracting the accused was prevented from carrying out its mission on Mr. Bouba.  Nevertheless, the G5+ takes note of the December 2 press release issued by the Ministry of State for Justice, Promotion of Human Rights, and Good Governance on the case of Ali Hassan Bouba, signed by the Director General of Penitentiary Services, according to which the proceedings have not been suspended or terminated, and reaffirming its support for the SCC and its independence under the law and its authority to pursue the proceedings to their conclusion – in accordance with the law. 


The G5+ reiterates its full support to the SCC’s mission and recalls the contributions of the G5+ to strengthen the capacity, services, infrastructure, and human resources of the Court.


The G5+ further recalls that the need to combat the culture of impunity must be supported by all political and social actors in CAR.  The culture of impunity is one of the sources of CAR’s fragility and remains a major obstacle to good governance, transparency, the credibility of institutions, and the sustainable development of the country.


The G5+ reiterates its commitment to continue working alongside the Central African authorities in the fight against impunity.



Ambassador of the United States of America

to the Central African Republic



Ambassador, High Representative of France

To the Central African Republic



Ambassador, Head of the European Union delegation

To the Central African Republic



Resident Representative of the World Bank

To the Central African Republic


Mr. Adolphe NAHAYO

Ambassador, Representative of the President of the Commission of the Economic Community of

Economic Community of Central African States in the Central African Republic


Mr. Mankeur NDIAYE

Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations

in the Central African Republic and Head of MINUSCA



Ambassador, Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission

and Head of the AU Mission for the Central African Republic and Central Africa