Expressing Solidarity

Group of people in scrubsOn November 14, Chargé d’Affaires David Brownstein, Public Security Minister Henri Wanzet Linguissara and European Union Ambassador Samuela Isopi visited the victims of the recent grenade attack in Bangui to express their condolences and their solidarity with all wounded and Central Africans. He made the following statement after the visit:

We wanted to come today to express our solidarity with the victims of this most recent attack in Bangui and with all Central Africans who suffer the consequences of violence. We know that this is the reality that citizens all over this country face every day. By visiting your wounded compatriots here in Bangui, we want to symbolically visit all you who have been injured in similar attacks against civilians and non-combatants. We cannot come to you, but we mourn with you, we are with you, and we will continue to do all we can to help pave the pathway to peace.

I also want to commend the representatives of the Government, MINUSCA and civil society, community and religious organizations who worked tirelessly throughout this past weekend to negotiate between different groups and neighborhoods to prevent the spread of violence. Without your efforts and commitment, more people might have fallen victim to the spiral of violence. Your commitment to cohesion and conflict resolution saved lives over the past four days.

We believe in this country, in its people and in its future. We implore all Central Africans to resist the voices of division and stay focused on what is important. Better and peaceful lives for you and your children. What country do you want your children to live in?

We will be by your side, mamboko na mamboko.