Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Bangui, Central African Republic

Location:  areas around UCATEX compound in the 8th arrondissement.

Event:  Politically-motivated gatherings have been announced for Saturday, August 27, starting at approximately 12:00 hours with large crowds instructed to gather around the UCATEX compound in the 8th arrondissment.  Start times and locations are subject to change and events may be cancelled.

Actions to Take:

Travelers Should 

  • Avoid visiting or moving through areas where crowds have gathered; demonstrations that appear peaceful can turn violent quickly. 
  • Monitor local news; 
  • Remain aware of your surroundings and keep a low profile; 
  • Review personal security plans, be vigilant, and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security; 
  • Always carry proof of your legal presence in Central African Republic, such as a U.S. passport with visa, or a residency card. 

Assistance  U.S. Embassy Bangui does not provide consular services.  Please contact U.S. Embassy in Yaounde if you require assistance with consular matters.

U.S Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon
+237 2 2220-1500 ext. 4341/4023  
+237 2 2220-1500 ext. 4531 (after hours)